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Serpent Squad
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First Serpent Squad
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Created to destroy Captain America.
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The Serpent Squad was founded by the original Viper after escaping prison with his brother, the Eel, and Cobra. Their plot involved ruining Captain America's reputation using false advertisements. Captain America soon caught on to their scheme, and along with the Falcon defeated the trio and sent them back to prison.[1]


  • Cobra (Klaus Voorhees), was mutagenically altered via radiated snake venom.Very flexible and slithery body, Superhuman athletic abilities and Wall crawling.
  • Eel (Leopold Stryke), the original Eel, was the curator of an aquarium who led a secret life as a costumed criminal. Eel received all of his powers from the suit he had constructed.
  • Viper (Jordan Dixon), was the brother of Leopold Stryke, who was the original Eel. When Jordan Stryke went into the advertising business, he legally changed his last name to Dixon so as to avoid association with his brother's criminal reputation. But later took up the identity of the Viper.

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