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1st Team[]

The Serpent Squad was founded by the original Viper after escaping prison with his brother, the Eel, and Cobra. Their plot involved ruining Captain America's reputation using false advertisements. Captain America soon caught on to their scheme, and along with the Falcon defeated the trio and sent them back to prison.[1]

Madame Hydra's Team[]

Serpent Squad (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 181 0001

Madame Hydra killed the original Viper and took his name as her own. The new Viper then reunited the Serpent Squad. She convinced the Eel to join the team to avenge his brother's death and then Princess Python joined. Cobra did not wish to serve Viper, and challenged her to a fight, but was defeated.[2]

The team later worked with Warlord Krang in an attempt to raise the lost continent of Lemuria. The Serpent Squad was defeated by Captain America, using his Nomad identity, who defeated the Eel and Princess Python. Cobra turned on Viper and she shot him in the back but he managed to escape. Nomad then rushed Cobra to the hospital.[3]

Roxxon Oil[]

The third Serpent Squad was set up by the Roxxon Oil company, via executive Hugh Jones. The team roster consisted of Sidewinder, Anaconda, Black Mamba, and Death Adder. The team was created to retrieve the Serpent Crown. During the mission the battled the Thing and the hero Stingray but the team eventually won.[4]

The Inhuman Triton later joined the heroes to help defeat the team trapping Anaconda, Death Adder, and Black Mamba under the sea. Sidewinder escaped the assault and retrieved the Serpent Crown for Hugh Jones.[5] They later escaped with the help of Anaconda and the became a team of mercenaries for hire, which brought them into conflict with Iron Man.

The squad was later invited to join the Serpent Society, which they all accepted. The other Serpent Squad members such as Cobra and Princess Python also joined the team.[6]

Viper's Team[]

The fourth Serpent Squad appeared in Las Vegas. The roster consisted of, Copperhead, Fer-de-Lance, Puff Adder, and Black Racer, committed theft in various casinos along the strip.

Sidewinder witnessed the group defeat at the hand of Captain America and freed them so they could join the society. The team was actually in the employ of Viper, who used this as an opportunity to take over the Society.

Viper failed, but Copperhead, Fer-de-Lance, Puff Adder, and Black Racer remained with the Society. Copperhead later left due to conflict with the Cobra.

Sin's Team[]

Captain America Vol 5 28 Textless

The fifth Serpent Squad surfaced with the Red Skull’s daughter Sin as the leader, a new Viper, the Eel, and King Cobra. They attacked the Senate offices by order of the Red Skull, but the new Captain America attacked and defeated them all except for Sin.[7]

Later, they regrouped and worked for the new Hydra and battled Captain America.[8]

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