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Serpentyne was a Saurian who were created by the atomic testing. At some point Dire Wraiths attacked and seemingly killed every Saurian so they could use there subterranean lair for themselves. Serpentyne survived only because a cave-in seperated him and he vowed vengeance. Travelling to Clairton, West Virginia, Serpentyne continued exterminating any Dire Wraiths he found infiltrating the town. Here he learned of ROM and his Neutralizer and decided it was a weapon he desired for himself and deemed himself to be the only one who deserved to possess it. A battle with Rom ensued in his current underground lair over the Neautralizer. Their fight came to an abrupt halt when Serpentyne was accidentally impaled on a stalagmite after tripping over a skull. With his last words, he apologized to Rom, admitting he had gone mad with vengeance. He asked Rom not to grieve for him, as he was going to rejoin his dead people.[1]

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