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Sersi was an Eternal created by the Celestials in the World Forge. Over the course of her existence she aided the birth of many Celestials by protecting the native populations of their planet from Deviants until the Celestial could hatch from the planet. Like most other Eternals, she had her memories reset and stored in between the missions, believing herself to be from the planet called Olympia.

7,000 years ago Sersi was one of the ten Eternals assigned by Arishem to Earth, alongside Ajak, Kingo, Sprite, Phastos, Makkari, Druig, Gilgamesh, Thena and Ikaris whom she quickly took a liking to. The Eternals setlled in the ancient Babylon, where Sersi became one of the most engaged and involved with the humanity, while also forming a relationship with Ikaris. After about a thousand years they got married and spend the next five thousand years together, living all over the world. After the last Deviants on Earth were believed to be destroyed, Ajak told the others that their mission was over and to go their own ways and live lives among the Humans. Sersi remained with Ikaris for a time, until he suddenly disappeared without explanation.

By 2023 Sersi was living in London, acting as a guardian of Sprite and working in the Natural History Museum where she formed a relationship with a human Dane Whitman. One night, she and Sprite were attacked by a Deviant who was only driven away by Ikaris. Realizing that their mission was not over, Sprite and Sersi joined Ikaris in location the others, only to find Ajak killed by Deviants. Ajak's sphere that allowed her to communicate with Arishem passed into Sersi, making her the new Prime Eternal. The group was joined by Kingo in India and together they came to visit Gilgamesh and Thena in Australia. There, Sersi first talked to Arishem, who revealed to her the true origin of the Eternals and the Deviants and that their true role was preparing the worlds to be destroyed in the Emergence of new Celestials, which would soon be the case with Tiamut.

Seeking for a way to stop the end of the world, the Eternals came to Druig in the Amazon, where an attack by Deviants left Gilgamesh killed and Sersi transmutted one into a tree when her life was at stake. After the remaining Eternals returned to the Domo and reunited with Makkari, Ikaris was revealed as the one behind Ajak's death, being loyal to Arishem and their cause of awakening Tiamut. Sprite chose to follow him, while Kingo believed in the same cause but refused to fight the others and left. The remaining five Eternals planned to form the Uni-Mind and have Druig put Tiamut back to sleep until they could find a way to awaken him without destroying the Earth in process. This attempt was violently stopped by Ikaris, negating that option. Instead, they formed the Uni-Mind which empowered Sersi and enabled her to to turn Tiamut to stone before he could fully awake. His loyalties shattered between the mission and his love for Sersi, Ikaris flew into the Sun, seemingly killing himself. With what was left of the Uni-Mind's power, Sersi turned Sprite into a Human, allowing her to finally grow up and age.

Afterwards, Druig, Makkari and Thena departed the planet to look for other Eternals while Sersi, Phastos and Kingo planned to resume their lives among the Humans. Sersi returned to Dane, who confessed his love for her. Immediately afterwards she, Phastos and Kingo were abducted by Arishem, who planned to use their memories to judge whether humanity was truly worth saving over the life of a Celestial.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Sersi is an Eternal, an artificial being created by the Celestials

  • Near-Immortality: As an synthetic being, Sersi does not age and has been able to survive countless thousands and perhaps millions of years.[1]
  • Matter Transmutation: Sersi is able to transmute nearly any item into almost whatever she wishes, including living beings. She initially believed herself to be unable to transform sentient beings, only to discover that ability during a fight against a Deviant.[1]



  • Celestial Orb: Sersi received Ajak's device that allowed her to communicate with Arishem


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