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In one of his first battles with Spider-Man, after his plan to replace the U.N. security council with robot doubles was thwarted, Doctor Doom himself escaped capture by replacing himself with a robot. Much later, when he had finally gained firm control of the world (for the moment), an array of Doombots took the place of all the world's leaders. It was also on this occasion that Boris escaped his master's wrath using a robot version of himself. When the real Doom was destroyed, all of his robots shut down.[citation needed]


Low level superhuman strength and endurance but normal human speed and reaction levels.


Some of Doctor Doom's Robots could fly. Many of them could also emit some kind of radiation or intense heat to remove substances they are covered in, such as the webbing from Spider-Man's Web-Shooters.

Strength level

Low level superhuman strength.


Various mechanical and high energy weakness. They are also susceptible to hacking, as Spider-Man once managed to hack into their systems and reprogram them to turn against Doctor Doom.


Their equipment varies depending on what task Doctor Doom assigns to each individual robot.


Doctor Doom's Flying Fortress.


Doctor Doom's Robots use various weapons including machine guns and flamethrowers. Some also use melee weapons such as whips.

These robots are exclusive to the 1981 Spider-Man animated series, and play an identical role to the Servo-Guards from the comics.

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