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Seth was part of Scottish sect of Knights Templar who, for years, remained hidden in the shadows as caretakers of the Hellbent,[3] however his greed for power got the best of him and he betray his own, releasing Agony and Basilisk to slaughter the inner circle of Scottish Knights Templar.[4] Through the shadows he guided Agony and Basilisk to search for any other knights and eliminate them,[1] when his agents failed with Chloe. He next targeted Frenchie.[5]



He possesses enhanced endurance, stamina and claw fingers.[6] Seth can drain the life-force of others upon contact, slowly aging them in the process. If he continues he can drain a person until they are nothing but skeleton.[7]


Due to bio-feedback he can't drain the life of anyone who he is related to, causing a massive explosion that weakens him and threatens to awaken the bloodline in the person.[6]

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