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Seven Years' War
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Seven Years' War
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Europe, the Americas, West Africa, India, and the Philippines

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The Seven Years' War was a global conflict fought between 1756 and 1763. It involved every European great power of the time and spanned five continents, affecting Europe, the Americas, West Africa, India, and the Philippines.

The war was split into two coalitions; the first lead by Great Britain and it's allies Portugal, Prussia and various German states. The second lead by France and it's allies Austria lead Holy Roman Empire, the Russian Empire, Spain, and Sweden.


When the French colonized Canada one of the islands in the region known as 1000 Isles was gifted to the le Blanc family by King Louis XVI, however the le Blanc's lost title to the island when England took over Canada in 1763.[1]


The stamp tax after the was one of the many reasons that lead to the American Revolutionary War


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