Quote1 It's true, Peter... and Ben. I fixed the equipment so it would read the test results wrongly. I did it for you, Ben you've been like a son to me. You deserved a chance at happiness! Quote2
-- Seward Trainer src

When conducting tests to see if Ben Reilly was a clone of Peter Parker or vice versa, Seward had an idea. He wanted his Ben to happy a chance at a normal life so he fixed his machines to say Peter was the clone. Just when he was going to tell them the "results," Judas Traveller appeared be fore them. He revealed that he is Seward from a future where he proceed and ruined Peter's life. Seward realized the error of his ways and apologized to the brothers.[1]


If Seward's Mutant abilities are ever activated, they'll seemingly be those of the Judas Traveller of Earth-616.

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