Not much is known about the so-called Sewer Man or his motivations. By the summer of 1943, he was living in the sewers beneath New York City and began kidnapping wealthy men by lassoing them from a manhole cover. Pulling them into the sewers, the Sewer Man murdered the men and stole their valuables.

After five kidnappings in the same ten block radius, the Human Torch and Toro decided to investigate. Witnessing a man being lassoed and dragged into the sewers, Toro signaled the Torch and followed after him. His flames were doused with sewer water thrown at him by the Sewer Man, and he was knocked out. The Torch arrived just as the Sewer Man tossed the heroes young sidekick into the murky water. The Torch recovered Toro, which left him off guard long enough for the Sewer Man to toss a makeshift bomb at him. The Torch deflected the bomb, and when the Sewer Man attempted to flee with his stolen goods, the Torch burned out a wood plank he was crossing to get away. The Sewer Man fell into the sewage and was swept away.

A few days later Toro read in the paper how the Sewer Man's drowned body was later recovered from the water.[1]


The Sewer Man used a lasso, brass knuckles, and makeshift bombs of his own creation.

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