Seyganko was the war chief of the Ichiribu and engaged to Emwaya, the chieftain's daughter. Like her, he believed Conan and Valeria were spirits and persuaded Dobanpu not to kill them.[1]

Witnessing Conan challenge Aondo in the four trials to test his otherworldly nature, Seyganko ultimately declared the Cimmerian as the winner and justified for executing Aondo, but, since the shaft which poisoned Emwaya was aimed at Valeria, he held Conan responsible for the ultimate fate of his woman.[2]

Seyganko approved of Conan's fighting lessons, but he didn't want to leave the island, deeming it too risky; however, he was soon forced to row his canoe to follow Dobanpu on his quest to find Emwaya.[3]

Seyganko then joined Conan, Valeria, and his fellow Ichiribu against the Kwanyi, until the disappearance of the Living Wind. He eventually struck a deal of peace with Wobeku and reunited with his beloved Emwaya.[4]

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