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Seymour "Shocks" Marley, a Stock car stunt driver and convicted murderer (he killed Ned Pearson). He wore a costume made by a witch woman from Haiti while being executed, and this turned him into the Apparition[1].

As the Apparition, he attacked Johnny Blaze (mistaking him for Pete Catrones). Later he again attacked Blaze, along with Nora and Sonny Tremont, but Ghost Rider chased him off. Blaze is next attacked while riding in Sonny Tremont's car. The Apparition then leaves, thinking Sonny is dead. Then, while Blaze was busy elsewhere, the Apparition attacked and kills Nora. Discovering this, Ghost Rider attacks him and through liberal doses of hellfire causes the Apparition to dissipate into thin air[1].


  • An enemy of Ghost Rider

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