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Appearing in "Death For a Dollar!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Lo Parino
  • Lo Parino's Men
    • Tony

Other Characters:

  • Drunkard (Unnamed)

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Death For a Dollar!"

Fury and a handful of the Howling Commandos are sent to an island off the coast of Sicily to investigate Nazi forces. Upon arriving on the island and meeting with an Agent Q they learn it isn't the Nazis but a group of Americans that are counterfeiting currency to make a profit during the confusion of the war effort. The Howlers infiltrate the castle of the man in charge one Lo Parino by disguising themselves as his men. They are discovered shortly after but are able to defeat the counterfeiters and burn down the facility. Agent Q stays behind while the Howlers head back to England.

Solicit Synopsis

Talk about way-out war-mags! The hard-hitting Howlers take on a crime syndicate - in wartime Italy!

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