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Quote1.png You meathead!! Don't you get what I'm tryin' to tell you! My replacement is Captain Flint—the toughest, roughest officer in the whole blamed sector! He lives by the rule book! Quote2.png
Captain Sam Sawyer

Appearing in "The Crackdown of Capt. Flint!"

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  • unnamed German soldiers

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  • PT boat

Synopsis for "The Crackdown of Capt. Flint!"

Captain Sam Sawyer tells Sergeant Nick Fury that he (Sawyer) will be training other commandos for two weeks. Sawyer's replacement, Captain Flint, arrives and makes his presence known by ordering the entire camp to assemble. The Howling Commandos are on the infiltration course and miss the roll call. Sergeant "Bull" McGiveney drives out to the course and tells Fury to report as is. "Look at you!!" says Flint. "You're a disgrace to that uniform!! Did you ever hear of shaving cream?? Well—use it!!"

Several days later, Flint gives the Howlers a mission. They must destroy a convoy carrying V-2 parts through Normandy, and Flint will accompany them. "According to the book, the perfect commanding officer sets an example for his men," says Flint. Oh no, thinks Fury. Flint wonders aloud why Sawyer never went along on missions. Colonel Parker overhears him and sets him straight: Sawyer almost single-handedly paved the way for the invasion of North Africa, Sawyer is a demolitions expert, Sawyer and the Howling Commandos are "one of the most decorated fighting units in the entire command!" After Sawyer was wounded, he began training other commandos.

A submarine drops Flint and the squad in a rubber raft off the Normandy coast. They scale a cliff. The lights of the convoy are visible in the distance. Flint orders them to start planting mines in the road—"just like the manual says!" A German scout plane flies over, and the observer sees something shining in the road—Flint's captain bars on his helmet. "Even on the battlefield, a good soldier is a properly dressed soldier," Flint has just remarked. The pilot warns the convoy. The observer fires at the commandos. Fury manages to pull Flint out of the line of fire, but Flint's head falls on a rock, and he's unconscious. Fury takes over. Dugan takes down the scout plane with a grenade. Cohen fires prone at the lead truck and hits the gas tank; the truck explodes and rolls, blocking the road. Pinkerton drops from a tree onto the second truck and surprises the gunner, then steers the truck into the first one. Manelli puts on a German uniform and directs the subsequent drivers to detour—right over the cliff. The squad prepares to go back down the cliff and meet the PT boat that will pick them up.

the Navy's new "trooper scooper"

Flint regains consciousness just as a stray German soldier stumbles across him. Jones blows his horn, which distracts the soldier long enough for Fury to knock him out. The noise, though, has drawn three more soldiers. Flint throws a rock and knocks out one of them, then punches out the other two. Fury, Jones, and Flint follow the others down the cliff, where the squad ditch their gear and swim out to sea. The boat, without slowing down, scoops them out of the water with a sort of lasso on a sort of davit.

Back at base, the Howlers anticipate their punishment from Flint. Sawyer returns and meets Flint, who is unshaven and casually dressed. He says, "The time I spent with your Howlers was the most profitable period of my Army career! I learned something I never realized before... you can't always go by the book!"


  • George Roussos is credited as Geo. Bell.


  • The inker's name is given as "Geo. Bell."

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