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Quote1.png WAR! It's wrong, and I'm against it! But there are instances, I now believe, in which man has no choice but to resort to it in order to assure the continuation of any semblance of civilization on this planet. Now let me tell you about the few days I recently spent with a group of men who led me to this painful conclusion... Quote2.png
C. Thomas Sites' Daily Bugle Column

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Synopsis for "The Reporter!"

A pacifistic journalist tags along with the Howling Commandos on one of their missions. During the escort his opinion of war changes, no longer does he view war as something that can be avoided at all costs but should still be something people strive against, and while he originally viewed all those that partook in the war as mindless beastly killers he comes to see the bravery they show against the dangers they face and the horrors and lengths the Nazis will go to win the war.

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