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Synopsis for "Into the Jaws of the Jungle"

Nick Fury is chased through a jungle by tribesmen. They hesitate when he enters sacred grounds, but their boss orders them to continue. While pausing to rest, Fury is suddenly attacked by a boa constrictor. He manages to fight back and kill it with his knife. He continues to run, then gets caught in a snare trap. The tribesmen hang him upside down until he loses consciousness.

Fury wakes on the floor of a hut, and remembers earlier events. He and his team had flown to Africa to search for German soldiers. Their plane was shot down, and all of the Howling Commandos died in the crash. Fury escaped the wreckage before it exploded, then buried Dum Dum Dugan. He fled into the jungle and was spotted by the tribesmen.

Their boss enters the hut, and Fury is surprised to see it is Baron Strucker. The Baron tells Fury to get cleaned and join him for dinner. Later, Fury refuses to eat and throws his plate in Strucker's face. The Baron says they will have a safari hunt and Fury will be the quarry. He gives Fury a ten-minute head start, then tracks him with a high-powered rifle and a pack of dogs.

Fury dives into a river. When he surfaces, Strucker shoots at him. Fury avoids getting hit, but plays dead and floats so that he can get more air. Instead of retrieving Fury's body, Strucker leaves him for approaching crocodiles to eat. Fury kills one crocodile, escapes the river, and runs back to Dugan's grave.

Fury screams and wakes in a bed. Strucker reveals that some of the things Fury experienced were actually nightmares.


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