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Quote1.png No! Nooooo! No more of the drug--please! Just shoot me and get it over with! I'm beggin' ya! Quote2.png
Sgt. Nick Fury

Appearing in "The Breakdown of Sgt. Fury!"

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Synopsis for "The Breakdown of Sgt. Fury!"

After a funeral for Nick Fury the Dugan recalls what led up to this moment which included their plane being shot down by Nazis. He recalls all of the Howlers running out of the plane to safety aside from Fury who must have been knocked out during the crash landing. After snapping back to reality of the situation Dugan is instructed to speak to Sam on the radio he does so and informs him that Fury is dead.

Switching scenes where last we saw Fury he is tied up in a hut being drugged by Baron Strucker who informs a Nazi soldier of his plan as it has unfolded. That after the crash he and his forces rushed the plane and pulled Fury out of it and began using a drug on him that has slowly started to make him mad and how Fury now believes it was the rest of the Howlers who died in the crash and he was the sole survivor.

Although the rest of the Howlers are deeply saddened by the loss of their commander they decide to continue on with the mission of wiping out the Nazi outpost as it is what Fury would have wanted. They make their way through the jungle and begin crossing a river where they are set upon by enemy forces. Most of the Howlers are forced to dive back into the water or risk being riddled with bullets but Dugan remains standing attempting to guard the raft that is carrying their ammo. Dugan makes a valiant stand but the raft is popped and both he and the ammo begin to sink. Just when they think it's all over a crazed Fury who has broken his bonds and escaped the hut charges the enemy and over takes them driving them back. When the noise dials down the Howlers approach Fury but he still believes they're dead and some sort of trick from Strucker which causes him to collapse from exhaustion as he is unable to kill his own men. The Howlers decide that Fury needs to get some help back in England so they seemingly abandoning their mission to destroy the outpost or found the enemy retreat satisfactory enough to consider the mission a success.


  • Leferman credited as Lefferman.

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