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Percival Pinkerton

Appearing in "Fighting Side-by-Side with Captain America and Bucky!"

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  • Nazis
    • unnamed German soldiers

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Synopsis for "Fighting Side-by-Side with Captain America and Bucky!"

Fury and Pamela Hawley watch a newsreel about Captain America and Bucky. Later, in a pub, they see Sergeant McGiveney pick on an unassuming blond private. Fury apologizes to Hawley and intervenes. The other Howlers appear, and a brawl ensues.

The next morning, Captain America tells Bucky that they may need the Howling Commandos as backup on their next mission. According to the High Command, the Germans seem to be massing for an invasion of England. The heroes take a sub to France, row ashore, and find a convoy full of slaves with shovels. When the trucks stop to execute three captured American pilots, Cap and Bucky rescue them. Cap tells them to get to the sub and relay a message: "Send the Howlers to Cap."

Captain Sawyer passes the message along to Fury. The squad parachute into France. While working their way through a fortified area, they meet a unit of Germans. Jones is wounded by a grenade, and Fury orders Cohen to get him to their pickup point. Dugan and Manelli take over a howitzer and pin down the other Germans, but they're separated from the other commandos. Fury, Ralston, and Pinkerton find a train, and Pinkerton holds off the remaining Germans so that Fury and Ralston can get aboard.

Fury and Cap meet for the first time

On the train, they find slaves, as well as the blond private from the pub, and try to blend in. An SS officer leaves a Jugend (Hitler Youth) trooper on the car. Once at the destination, Fury realizes the Nazis are digging a tunnel under the English Channel. The Jugend trooper takes the blond private away for a work detail. Fury and Ralston are sent into the tunnel on a rail car. There's an explosion behind them! Captain America and Bucky appear. They've sealed off the entrance (along with most of the soldiers) and now want to destroy the rest of the tunnel. At a branch the Germans unlimber a small howitzer. Cap dodges their fire, catches a thrown grenade, and shoves it into the howitzer's barrel. Cap and Bucky take one tunnel and send Fury and Ralston down the other.

Fury finds an escape hatch (which Cap had suggested they use). Germans appear and order them to surrender. There's another explosion, and the tunnel begins to collapse! Fury and Ralston use the hatch.

Back at base, the other Howlers find Fury and Ralston in the infirmary. Fury says that they never saw Captain America or Bucky again. He wonders aloud if the Jugend trooper was Bucky, which would mean .... Someone in the next room bangs on the wall, demanding quiet. It's Captain America (the blond private) and Bucky.


  • This story was retold in Captain America #383 (3/91) second story.
  • This story appears to show Fury and Captain America meeting for the first time, but they had previously encountered each other in North Africa in November 1941, as shown in Wolverine: Origins #18.
  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]


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  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:
    • Marvel Masterworks: Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #1
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