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Sergeant Fury

Appearing in "7 Doomed Men!"

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Synopsis for "7 Doomed Men!"

The Howling Commandos go to a French port one night for some "fun and games." They lob a few grenades and lead the guards away from the U-boat pens. An old destroyer, stuffed full of dynamite, runs into the docks and destroys the submarines. Fury and his men dive into the bay and rendezvous with a PT boat.

Dugan makes a stand

Back in England, Sawyer hands Fury a new mission. The Nazis have almost completed a secret weapon at Heinemund. The commandos must intercept a large shipment of heavy water and destroy it. They disguise themselves as German fishermen aboard a fishing boat. A patrol boat stops them. They go on disguised as German sailors aboard an e-boat. Soldiers at the port ask them for the password; they knock them down and flee. Dugan holds off the pursuit but is eventually captured and taken to Gestapo HQ. The others break him out. To get to Heinemund, they "surrender" to a scrawny old soldier with glasses and tell him they've escaped from the concentration camp there. Once in the camp, they blow up the ammo dump, cut the electricity to the fence, and lead a breakout.

At the research base, they pull the damper rods out of the atomic pile and smash the equipment. Learning that the heavy water is still in tank cars at the railroad siding, they blow them up. Dugan spots a V-2 and sends a truck into it but gets caught in the explosion. The squad reaches the beach and the sub waiting to take them home. Back at the lab, the out-of-control pile goes up in a mushroom cloud. An editorial note wonders if Hitler halted his atomic research because of this incident.

Appearing in "The Enemy That Was!"

Featured Characters:

  • Nazi soldier

Synopsis for "The Enemy That Was!"

One-page pinup of a German infantryman with gear and weapons.

Appearing in "Weapons of War!: "Chatter Guns" of World War II"

Synopsis for "Weapons of War!: "Chatter Guns" of World War II"

An assortment of sub-machine guns used by different nations.


  • Dugan makes several (derogatory) references to his wife.

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