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Quote1.png You lily-livered, chicken-scratchin', pickle-pickin', pink-eyed son of a bob-tailed hyena-- YA DENTED MY EVER-LOVIN' FEDORA!!! I don't mind a guy takin' a pot shot or two at a fella-- but ya went too far this time!! Quote2.png
"Dum-Dum" Dugan

Appearing in "Dum Dum Does It the Hard Way!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Vice Admiral Ribbondorf
  • Various unnamed German sailors


Synopsis for "Dum Dum Does It the Hard Way!"

The Commandos meet up with The Skipper who has transported the Howlers on several occasions and then discover from Captain "Happy Sam" Sawyer that they are to be taken into the Atlantic Ocean to rescue some men who were shot down in a B-17 the night before. They also learn that "Dum-Dum" Dugan was amongst the crew, on his way back to England to regroup with them after recovering from previous injuries. In addition, they are told that an infamous Nazi raider, known as the Sea Shark, is in that area and probably already on their way to dispose of the survivors. Dum Dum and the other three survivors at this point have already been captured by the Sea Shark crew and have been put to work aboard the ship. At night they are locked in a room and Dum Dum devises an escape plan. They capture a Nazi sailor and one of the officers with Dum Dum puts on the uniform and acts as if he is leading them to another part of the ship. Dum Dum manages to set a timed explosion inside the armory below decks. The prisoners then fight their way to the top decks where they inform the Nazi's that their ship is about to explode. They quickly get off the ship followed by Dum Dum and his cohorts just in enough time to watch the Sea Shark explode into a worthless pile of rubble. Fury and the other Howlers arrive shortly and are reunited with Dum Dum and take the Nazi sailors prisoner.

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