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Quote1.png All we gotta do now is find the rest o' the squad, break the back of the Kraut occupation here, and make it back ta base in one piece! Nuts! Some day I'd like ta meet the creep who dreams up these missions! Quote2.png
Sgt. Nick Fury

Appearing in "Not a Man Shall Remain Alive!"

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Synopsis for "Not a Man Shall Remain Alive!"

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  • This issue is Stan Lee's last as writer of Sgt. Fury. Beginning with Sgt. Fury Vol 1 29, Roy Thomas takes over. He is introduced in this issue's "next issue" blurb as "Stan's punctilious protege."
  • This issue is also significant in that it shows for the first time a Nazi (in this case, Baron Strucker) who does not entirely agree with Hitler's beliefs, and who actually feels remorse for some of the things that he is ordered to do.

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