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Percy Pinkerton

Appearing in "Into the Jaws of... Death!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Nazi soldiers
  • Nazi Spy/Allied Clerk (Codename: Valkyrie)
  • S.S. Leader Major Frobrich

Other Characters:

  • Unnamed Allied General



  • Various Allied Aircraft
  • German Panzer Tank

Synopsis for "Into the Jaws of... Death!"

After Capt. "Happy" Sam Sawyer receives a detailed briefing regarding the Allied Invasion of Europe, a Nazi spy, who infiltrated Allied HQ, learns of his knowledge of the impending invasion and arranges for "Happy" Sam to be kidnapped. He is taken to France for interrogation and the Howlers learn of his capture. They put together a rush rescue attempt and manage to save the Captain seconds before allied bombers level the facility in a preventive measure to stop Capt. Sawyer from revealing the highly classified details.

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