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Quote1.png And now, through my genius... one of the Commandos themselves will be the instrument of their destruction. Quote2.png
Adolf Hitler

Appearing in "A Traitor In Our Midsts!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:




  • Various military weaponry
  • Secret Mind Altering Serum


  • Various military vehicles

Synopsis for "A Traitor In Our Midsts!"

During a physical of the Howlers, a Nazi infiltrator, posing as the doctor scheduled to administer, slips a serum into one of the Howlers that will allow the Nazis to control him into becoming an unwitting traitor to the rest of the squad. During a mission to Norway, the Howlers are intercepted enroute to their mission objective, making Sgt. Fury begin to question if they were the victims of a traitor. Eventually, after escaping a Nazi firing squad, the Howlers are witness to Izzy Cohen become overwhelmed by a post-hypnotic suggestion from the Nazi leader, Col. Schleicher, that causes him to turn his gun sights onto his fellow Howlers. Izzy breaks from the hypnotic state after becoming conflicted by the Nazi officer's commands to kill Fury and his fellow teammates. Izzy attacks the Colonel and the Howlers dispatch the remaining Nazi forces and then proceed to finish their mission, returning to base and to the good news of a three-day furlough.

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