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Quote1.png And, that bohunk is Nick Fury! He's an ornery, thick-headed, rebellious meathead... but he's also one of the best fighting men in anybody's army! Quote2.png
Cpt. "Happy Sam" Sawyer

Appearing in "The Grandeur That Was Greece"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • McGivney's Maulers



  • Capt. Savage's Submarine
  • Nazi Sub-Chaser
  • Rubber Raft
  • Nazi Staff Car

Synopsis for "The Grandeur That Was Greece"

Fury and The Howlers are assigned to take Peter Kazantis, a member of the Greek royal family, back into Greece aboard Capt. Savage's sub in order to assist him in rallying the Greek resistance effort there. The sub encounters resistance of its own in the form of a Nazi Sub-Chaser but Savage's sailors manage to evade the numerous depth charges dropped upon their position and unleash a torpedo attack of their own and sink the enemy vessel. The sub makes the remainder of the journey without incident and the Howlers lead Kazantis onto the Greek mainland where they rendezvous with other members of the Greek guerilla fighters, being led by his friend, Michael Skouras. Michael informs him that his task will be to cease the infighting among the different factions of the resistance movement in order to become a cohesive fighting force. One member of the resistance, however, turns out to be a Nazi sympathizer who has aims of exposing the groups destinations to his Nazi superiors. The next morning, the combined allies of Howlers and Greek resistance encounter a Nazi ambush amidst an ancient Greek theater. As the Howlers begin to get the upper hand in the melee, the Nazi's bring out a large cannon, directed at the allies and the ruins of the theater, threatening to destroy the historic landmark along with them. Kazantis, who the Howlers are under orders to follow, raises a white flag and surrenders in order to preserve the ancient ruins. Kazantis tells the Nazi commander that he knows they must have been betrayed and he asks to know who the traitor is. The Nazi reveals that it was the resistance member known as Ravonne. Ravonne comes forward and demands his reward but the Nazi tells him that as a traitor to his people, his reward is to be turned over to those to whom he betrayed. Later, Kazantis is informed that if he makes a radio broadcast to his fellow Greek resistance fighters telling them that it is useless to resist the Nazis any longer, that his captured compatriots will be spared, but if not they will all be shot. The Greek leader agrees and Sgt. Fury asks to be allowed to witness the broadcast, to which he is given permission to do by his captors. As Kazantis begins reading a prepared speech, he quickly turns from the script and calls upon his countrymen to put aside petty squabbles and unite in their common goal of getting rid of the Nazis from their beloved country. The Nazis begin to forcibly remove Kazantis but the Howlers run interference and stop the Nazis from taking him. They escape into a Nazi staff car and flee from the Nazis, who immediately begin a pursuit. Soon, Fury & the Howlers decide that the Howlers will have to get out and put up a defense while Fury drives Kazantis out of harm's way. Fury manages to get away from his Nazi pursuers but has to leave the Howlers behind in order to get the Greek royal to safety. Fury, once Kazantis is safe, has to reach his assigned pick-up point but he is the only member of the commandos to make it. He anguishes over the loss of so many brave men during the mission, but more so over not knowing what has happened to his Howlers. He vows to find out and to bring them back if possible.

To be continued next issue...


This story is reprinted in Sgt. Fury #99 and Sgt. Fury #135.

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