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"Dum-Dum" Dugan (First words ever spoken to Nick Fury)

Appearing in "The Origin of the Howlers"

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Synopsis for "The Origin of the Howlers"

Continued from last issue...

After calming Nick Fury down from a rant regarding his being forced to leave the Howlers behind in Greece, Capt. "Happy Sam" Sawyer reflects back on his first encounter with Fury and the eventual creation of the Howler team, which began with Nick Fury and his friend, Red Hargrove, as parachuting instructors hired by the British military. Sam is instructed to find two men to assist him in a mission to Holland, which had just been invaded by the Nazis and he selects Fury and Hargrove for their piloting and parachuting skills. While in Holland, trying to find a spy with important documents the British need desperately, the trio run into a group of traveling circus performers, one of whom happens to be the resident strong man, "Dum-Dum" Dugan. They are able to recover the spy and documents and avoid the Nazi's attempts at stopping them. Sawyer then continues to recall how Fury and Hargrove had been assigned to Pearl Harbor, after their subsequent joining the US Army, where Hargrove was killed in the infamous Japanese sneak attack. Sawyer then recalls how he was assigned to form a special Commando squad and the first meetings of the individual members. His reminiscing is interrupted by a messenger who informs him that the Howlers have been located by Military Intelligence. Sawyer then arranges to have Fury to have the first crack at a rescue attempt, to which he is more than anxious to take.

This story is continued next issue...


This story is reprinted in Sgt. Fury #101 & Sgt. Fury #136.

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