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Synopsis for "Berlin Breakout!"

Sgt. Fury, Bull McGiveney, Rickets Johnson and Eric Koenig join forces to rescue the missing Howlers from Berlin. They do so, but not before Dino Manelli is shot. Arriving back at base, they learn that Dino is injured too badly to continue to fight; however, Eric Koenig says he will take Manelli's place. Eric Koenig becomes the first German member of the Howling Commandos.


This story is reprinted in Sgt. Fury Vol 1 103 & Sgt. Fury Vol 1 137.

This issue's letters page includes one letter written by a former Nazi. In it, he says, "I must protest the depiction of all German soldiers as cowards or bullies." He goes on to state that he admires the fighting style of the US Army's Commandos, and he reads Sgt. Fury both because of his like for the stories, and to help him with his English. Stan Lee's reply to this letter is as follows: "In all fairness, we felt that we should print this letter, which we recently received, although we prefer to present it without any editorial comment. The writer asked that we omit his name and address."

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