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Dino Manelli
Wonder which of us will be next?
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What's the diff? We're all expendable!
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Appearing in "Lord Ha-Ha's Last Laugh!"

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Synopsis for "Lord Ha-Ha's Last Laugh!"

The Howling Commandos are on leave in London when the air raid sirens go off. A British Red Cross worker asks Fury to help her get an injured boy out of the rubble and take him to a shelter. Back at the base, the commandos listen to one of Lord Ha-Ha's propaganda broadcasts. In Berlin, Ha-Ha signs off. He asks a Gestapo officer why he must always taunt the commandos; they hope that a squad will try to infiltrate Germany and get caught.

Capt. Sawyer delivers an invitation to Fury from Lord Hawley and orders him to go. At the mansion he meets Hawley's daughter, Pamela, the Red Cross worker. Hawley admits that Ha-Ha is his son, Percy, who was the Berlin correspondent for Hawley's newpaper before he was captured. Sawyer tells Fury that the commandos must rescue Percy.

Juniper buys the farm

Fury and his squad parachute into Germany. Their contact is a lion tamer, who has a lion "escape" so she can meet them in the woods. The commandos disguise themselves as circus performers and enter Berlin. Fury and Manelli dress as soldiers and get Ha-Ha's whereabouts from the radio station. They pick up the other commandos and infiltrate the party leader's house where Ha-Ha is lunching, grab Percy, and fight their way back out. Holed up at Bremerhaven to wait for their submarine, they see a line of tanks coming by the house. Percy escapes to warn the Germans, but he takes a gun and fires it to get their attention, and they shoot him. Alerted to the presence of the commandos, the tanks open fire on the house. Juniper is killed by gunfire. The sub arrives and blasts the tanks.

Back at Hawley's estate, Fury tells Pamela that her brother died a hero.


  • "Junior" Juniper becomes the only Howling Commando to be killed off permanently.
  • "Lord Ha-Ha" is based on "Lord Haw Haw," the name given to a series of anglophone propagandists who broadcast from Hamburg during the war.
  • This issue includes a one-page pinup, "Combat Rifles of World War II."


  • The inker's name is given as "G. Bell."

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