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Quote1.png It's Dino! He's Back! Quote2.png
—Unidentified Howler

Appearing in "...That France Might Be Free!"

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Synopsis for "...That France Might Be Free!"

The Howlers go to France to assist the French Resistance. During their trip they are tasked to rescue their old friend Jaques Dernier who had been captured by the Nazis by Claire. Upon reaching him Nick Fury realizes that the person they rescued was a Nazi spy in disguise when he already knew who Eric was despite never meeting him. After fighting off some Nazis they find the real Jaques along with a few other prisoners. Together they fight their way out of the Nazi base then make their way back to the boats and take off for the rendezvous with allied forces for a pickup. On the boat ride to the meetup Eric voices his concerns for his sister if the Nazis have learned his identity.

Back at the base in England the Howlers are immediately summoned by a visitor upon returning. The visitor ends up being Dino Manelli whom the Howlers have been eagerly awaiting news of. He relays to the Howlers that he'll be walking normally in a few days and that the army has recruited him to do a movie but for the time being he's rejoining the Howlers.

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