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Quote1.png I am Baron Strucker, the one who is about to reduce you to a helpless whining shell of a man! Are you ready?? Quote2.png
-- Baron Wolfgang von Strucker

Appearing in "At the Mercy of Baron Strucker"

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  • Short Sterling (or Stirling), bomber
  • Martin B-36 (meaning B-26) Mitchell Marauder, bomber
  • Focke-Wulf Fw 190, fighter/interceptor
  • Junkers Ju 88, multipurpose aircraft
  • 150mm mobile howitzer on PzKw IV chassis

Synopsis for "At the Mercy of Baron Strucker"

"Last time out, we lost Junior Juniper!" yells Fury at his squad. "If we lose a man, it means somebody slipped up ... somebody was careless! And that means I ain't been tough enough on you!" And that means a brutal afternoon of training. In Bavaria, General Stroheim visits Baron Strucker with a mission from Hitler himself: defeat Nick Fury. Strucker personally flies over the base and drops a message challenging Fury to single combat on the island of Norsehaven near Denmark. Captain Sawyer refuses to let Fury go for what is essentially a personal matter. While dining with Hawley, Fury remembers a PT boat captain who owes a him a favor, and he goes to Norsehaven anyway.

On Norsehaven, Fury finds several German soldiers in addition to Strucker. Before the duel, Strucker insists he is an honorable Prussian and proposes a toast. Fury's drink is drugged. The fight begins with plywood swords, but soon Fury has passed out. The soldiers take pictures of him, which get published in all the Nazi newspapers.

Back at the base, Sawyer busts Fury down to private for insubordination. Dum-Dum becomes leader of the squad, which goes on their next mission as part of a "big push." They must destroy a rocket installation in Dortstadt, western Germany. After parachuting in, they carjack a mechanized artillery piece, which Manelli uses to blow up the rockets, the radar, and the planes. In the base's headquarters, they find Strucker, who is willing to have a rematch with Fury. Manelli advises Fury not to drink the toast, and that makes all the difference. This time Strucker ends up on the floor having his picture taken.

Round Two

Days later, a visiting general wants to meet Sergeant Fury. Sawyer hastily promotes Fury and thinks, "Maybe I'll wake up and find out the whole thing was just a bad dream!!"


  • This issue includes a one-page pinup, "Light Machine Guns of World War II."


  • The inker's name is given as "G. Bell."
  • Strucker refers to himself as "wing commander of the Fuehrer's Death-Head Squadron." The Nazi SS did have a Death's-Head (Totenkopf) unit, but it oversaw the concentration camps.

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