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  • Burmese guerilla
  • Captive Smith


Synopsis for "Izzy Shoots the Works"

Howling Commandos receive a new assignment from Happy Sam, they are to attend to school for improvement of their different special skills. Meanwhile, Izzy Cohen is still held captive in Burma. Being fed up with terrible conditions, seeing his fellow soldiers dying every day on heavy labor work, he decides to escape at any first opportunity. Soon he engages in a fight with a Japanese soldier. The punishment for such an act is death. Izzy is brought into jangle to be shot, but he manages to overcome his guards and run away. He runs till he collapses under the strain. A native revives him, helps in hiding from searching troops and then guides in the direction of his home-village. At the time, a Japanese general, one of the best strategists, takes charge of the operation and spare no effort in recapturing the American commando.

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