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Quote1.png Farewell, Howlers!! The world will never forget your deed! I salute ... such brave ... men ... I salute ... ohhh ... Quote2.png
—last words of unnamed underground agent

Appearing in "Mission: Capture Adolf Hitler!"

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  • de Havilland Flamingo, transport

Synopsis for "Mission: Capture Adolf Hitler!"

Sergeant Fury and Pamela Hawley leave a USO dance. Her campaign to turn him into a gentleman seems to be working. They meet Percy Pinkerton. Then the other Howling Commandos drive by in a jeep and accidentally splash mud on Fury. While Fury explodes, Pinkerton behaves like a real gentleman and makes Fury jealous. Before he can change, Fury learns that Captain Sawyer wants to see him. Still muddy, Fury meets General Durstine and gets the Howlers' new mission: kidnap Adolf Hitler.

The squad parachute into a field near Berlin and meet a member of the German underground. He takes them to a rally where Hitler is giving a speech. Walking into the hall, Fury recognizes Baron Strucker (last seen in issue Vol 1 5), who in turn recognizes him. Pinkerton disarms Strucker with his umbrella, and a melee breaks out. Cohen and Fury make it outside and rendezvous with the underground agent. Strucker's Gestapo capture the others and prepare to execute them at dawn, meanwhile launching a manhunt to find Cohen and Fury.

Sorry, Adolf

Cohen, Fury, and the agent infiltrate Gestapo HQ. They take Strucker and an aide prisoner. Threatened with death, Strucker takes Fury to Hitler's office and convinces Hitler to attend the execution. Disguised as a soldier, Fury drives Hitler to the prison. The other commandos stage an escape attempt, but the guards stop them with a water cannon. Cohen and the agent replace two of the guards leading the commandos into the yard. Hitler arrives. The firing squad takes aim. Cohen and the agent attack the firing squad, Fury opens fire, and the commandos cut loose! They grab Hitler and pile into his car. Strucker orders the guards to follow, but they can't shoot at the car for fear of hitting Hitler.

The command car reaches the pickup point, with the guards close behind. The plane lands between the guards and the commandos, shielding them long enough to climb aboard. The agent stays behind and dies in a hail of gunfire. The Howlers realize that they never learned his name.

Back in England, the commandos deliver Hitler to Captain Sawyer. Hitler pulls off his nose and moustache to reveal a double. Durstine arrives and congratulates the squad for getting proof that Hitler uses doubles, a fact that will make good propaganda.


  • The inker's name is given as "Geo. Bell."

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