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-- Italian sentry being attacked by "Dum Dum" Dugan

Appearing in "Incident In Italy!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Capt. Andre (Royal Canadian Air Force)


  • Italian Axis troops
  • Italian Army officers

Other Characters:




  • Italian Army supply trucks
  • US Amphibious Assault Craft
  • Savoia-Marchetti S.M. 79-11 Sparviero Air-Bombers
  • US Navy Gun-Boat
  • Italian Tank

Synopsis for "Incident In Italy!"

Fury and the Howlers parachute into Italy and are immediately surrounded by Italian forces. They are taken to a POW camp where they meet a group of Canadian Air Force, led by Capt. Andre, a hard-nosed officer who is not amused by the Howlers and their off-beat attitudes. Fury and the Howlers are soon escorted to meet the prison camp's commanding officer, Major Carlo. Carlo excuses his guards and speaks with Fury. The Howlers discover that Fury was privy to a mission the whole time which included a rendezvous with this Maj. Carlo, who is secretly a member of a Partisan group, whose goal is to stop Mussolini at all turns. Fury & the Howlers are then informed that Mussolini has a large gold shipment that is being transported to a large farm in Northern Italy and that they will need to intercept the shipment and haul it back to Allied territory. Maj. Carlo supplies them with the means to escape as well as trucks they will need to pull off the heist. Fury and his men are put on a work detail and Dino overhearssome Italian superior officers come in and arrest Maj. Carlo. When Fury hears of it, he is forced to speed up his mission and attacks the Italian guards with the help of Capt. Andre & his men. They rescue Maj. Carlo on their way out. Andre and his group take the largest portion of prisoners on an obvious path toward Allied territory in order to lure the Axis troops away from Fury and his goal. Maj. Carlo and Fury lead the Howlers to the waiting trucks and make for the farm where the gold shipment is scheduled to be unloaded. They meet up with another member of the Partisans who turns out to be a 16-year old girl named Sophia. With Maj. Carlo leading the way past the Italian guards at the farm, they convince the Axis troops that they are working under orders direct from Mussolini. They take over the officer's quarters and with the aid of a map, they dig up all the buried gold and take care of any troops that get suspicious. They finally load all the gold into their trucks and as they leave they are quickly set-upon by two Italian airplanes that begin to bomb them, obviously, their cover having been blown. Using anti-aircraft guns mounted on the back of some of the trucks, they are able to blast the planes from the sky, but only to make their way upon an Italian tank blocking their way. As they begin to fight the tank they are horrified to see an entire squadron of Italian planes approaching to stop them. As it looks like they are about to fail in their mission, a US naval gunboat arrives and begins to blast the planes from the air. Using the distraction, Fury and his men are able to load the gold onto a boat and make their way to the gunboat and to the end of another successful mission.


  • Maj. Carlo turns out to be Dino Manelli's cousin.
  • The Sophia that helps them is hinted at to be Sophia Loren.

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