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Synopsis for "On the Sidewalks of New York"

1944: Nick Fury, on leave, returns to his family home in New York's Hell's Kitchen for the first time in three years since his enlistment. He happily reunites with his step-mother, his 16 year-old sister Dawn, and 20 year-old brother Jake. During his stay, Nick narrowly avoids assassination attempts by Nazi spies and tries to keep the incidents quiet to avoid worrying his family and tying up his precious leave time with police questioning.

It turns out Jake is against the war, leading to a minor argument with the family that ends with him storming out, only to get attacked by Colonel Klaue, who's trying to get back at Nick. Nick arrives and helps Jake get away, making him promise not to tell Mama about what happened, but Jake regrets it two days later when Nick fails to catch up after the getaway. He finally confesses to Dawn and the newly arrived Howling Commandos, whom Nick had called in for a visit. When Klaue and his spies show up for another attack the Howlers make short work of them, but they all freeze in shock when Klaue reveals a brainwashed Nick Fury.

Solicit Synopsis

Ever wonder if our stogie-smokin' sarge had a family? Well, you're gonna MEET 'em — in this ish! But, if you think that's ALL that's going to happen — forget it!

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