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Synopsis for "Holocaust In Hell's Kitchen"

With Nick Fury drugged into submission, Colonel Klaue forces the Howling Commandos to surrender and takes them and Nick's siblings out to head for their hideout. The strange procession does not go unnoticed however, and Klaue is unable to convince a patrolman they are just heading for a party. When Klaue pulls his gun on the officer, the Howlers make their move and take out all of Klaue's underlings, but Klaue manages to slip away with Dawn as a hostage during the brawl.

The Commandos spread out to search for them and Dino lucks out when he wanders near Klaue's basement hideout and overhears him getting chewed out by his superior, Von Stuerer. He breaks down the door and fights the two Nazis with a little help from the captive Dawn, but Von Stuerer manages to hold out enough to knock out Dino and radio for backup. Fortunately, Jake and the Howlers arrive in time to take them all on and defeat them.

Afterwards, Nick returns, having shaken off the effects of the mind-control drug. He announces that the Commandos will meet back in England in a week for their next mission. Jake, having changed his mind about the war after seeing the Nazis' work firsthand, pledges to enlist the next day.

Solicit Synopsis

Our stogie-smokin' sarge is a captive — of the Nazi called Colonel Klaue! Then, enter the Howlers — and the home front will never be the same again! A gasser!

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