Gha'Barri Fantastic Four Vol 1 386

Sha'Barri egg.[1]

The Sha'Barri are a race of savage creatures that are hatched from eggs. They are of no seeming intelligence and are ferocious fighters. One of these creatures was implanted into the body of Lyja by her commanding officer and former lover Paibok the Power Skrull. At the time, Lyja was the estranged wife of the Fantastic Four's Human Torch, and Lyja was bent on revenge against the Torch for leaving her for dead. [2] When Lyja joined Paibok in his next attack against the Fantastic Four, she claimed that she was carrying Johnny's child. [3].

Eventually Lyja realized that she still had feelings for Johnny, and eventually left Paibok to be by his side. [4] However during her time with the Fantastic Four, she continued the charade of carrying Johnny's baby, keeping the truth a secret for quite some time. When her "pregnancy" advanced enough to require a Lacaroo, a device that assists female Skrulls in the birthing process, the Fantastic Four recovered one while a prisoner of the Skrulls. [5]. Eventually Lyja went into labor, [6] and was rushed to the hospital where she shocked everyone by giving birth to the Sha'barri egg. [7] Even though the creature was out of her body, Lyja still kept the truth about it a secret from Johnny and the others, as she was conflicted between the threat of the Sha'Barri and how the truth could ruin her recovering relationship with Johnny. [1]

Lyja was forced to reveal the truth after the Four Freedoms Plaza was visited by Raphael Suarez, a man who later gained her laser powers and the Sha'Barri egg was sought after by the Collector. [8] After the Collector was dispatched, Lyja had to explain herself, but just as the egg was about to hatch, Johnny and the rest of the Fantastic Four were teleported away to another reality by Aron the Rogue Watcher. [9] Lyja, Suarez and the Fantastic Four's associates Ant-Man and the Sub-Mariner helped Lyja slay the creature. [10] Later when Johnny returned home and saw what was left of his "son", he rejected Lyja's offers to rekindle their romance and start a real family, horrified by what she brought into his life. [11]


Habitat: Unknown
Gravity: Unknown
Atmosphere: Unknown
Population: Unknown


Type of Government: Not applicable
Level of Technology: Not applicable
Cultural Traits: Not applicable

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