Quote1 Sha came to Ka-Zar to show her gratitude. He knew, then, that her suspicions were gone ... that she now accepted him. Quote2
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Sha was the mate of Zar the lion who ruled the Belgian Congo during the 1930s and 40s.[1]

Following the death of John Rand, Zar adopted Rand's son David as his brother, rechristening him Ka-Zar. He took Ka-Zar back to his cave and Sha took an instant disliking to the human. Unknown to Zar and Ka-Zar, Sha was actually pregnant with Zar's cubs and soon gave birth to two children Zoro and Sulani. Shortly after the cubs' birth, Zoro was kidnapped by the ape known as Bardak who came seeking a mirror taken by Ka-Zar. Ka-Zar slew Bardak and returned the cub to Sha, earning the mother's trust and respect.[2] Later Sha sided with Ka-Zar when he quelled an army of animals seeking to force Paul de Kraft and his jewel hunters out of the region.[3]

Sha's subsequent activities remain unrevealed, however it's likely that she focused most of her time on raising her cubs until they were old enough to fend for themselves.


Sha had abilities typical to a female lion and was able to communicate with Ka-Zar.

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