Quote1 Your voice and aura are familiar. You are Sister Sun trained in Vietnam--the country of my heart--by the Legion of Light. Quote2
-- Libra speaking about Sha Shan src

While in Southeast Asia as a soldier, Flash Thompson was rescued by Sha Shan Nguyen, who later became his girlfriend.[2] After her partner Brother Power was killed in an explosion, Sha Shan gave up crime and became Flash Thompson’s lover.[3]

Sometime later she was out with her then boyfriend, Peter Parker, Harry Osborn, Liz Allan, Glory Grant, and Betty Brant at the Beyond Forever Disco where she, along with everyone else at the disco, was hypnotized by the Hypno-Hustler.[4] Flash Thompson and Sha Shan later split up when Flash was cheating on her with Betty Brant.[5]

Sha Shan Nguyen (Earth-616) from Starbrand & Nightmask Vol 1 5 001

Sha Shan later came back into Flash's life, after being tracked down by Harry Osborn and Peter Parker. She worked as a physical therapist, helping Flash to learn to walk again with his prosthetic legs.[6] She's also Imani Green's therapist, after Imani got hurt because of her campaigns.[1]

Some time later, Sha Shan obtained a medical doctorate and became a physician at Columbia Medical Center, where she helped Flash treat the superheroes attacked by theRed Goblin; surprised that her ex-husband was a superhero. After Flash was killed by the Red Goblin, Sha Shan attended his funeral.[7]




Martial Arts: Sha Shan is highly skilled in Vietnamese martial arts, due to the time she belonged to the Legion of Light.[1]


Con: Sha Shan uses a long Con (also known as stick in English) to fight.

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