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Quote1 Your voice and aura are familiar. You are Sister Sun trained in Vietnam--the country of my heart--by the Legion of Light. Quote2
Libra speaking about Sha Shan[src]


Sha Shan Nguyen was the daughter of the High Priest of a secret temple in Vietnam. One day, she and her father stumbled upon an American soldier who had been wounded and separated from his platoon, and decided to nurse him to health. When this soldier, Flash Thompson, returned to his camp, he learned that they were planning to bomb the area of the temple. He tried to convince them of the temple's existence, but they wouldn't listen, so he ran back to the temple to warn his saviors. However, the High Priest claimed the temple was their life and decided not to evacuate.[2]

Sha Shan Nguyen (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 109 001

The High Priest was killed in the shelling, but Sha Shan survived and took the unconscious Thompson back to camp. When he woke up, he thought everyone at the temple had perished and decided to leave the army to return to America. Meanwhile, the temple survivors blamed Thompson for the tragedy and, despite Sha Shan's protests, traveled to America to go after Thompson. There, the priest captured him to perform a ritual that would kill him to free the High Priest's spirit. Sha Shan revealed herself to Flash and tried to free him, but was interrupted by the other priest before doing so. As Thompson was about to be decapitated, however, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange showed up and saved him. Strange then cast a spell to revive the High Priest, who finally convinced his fellow priests that Thompson wasn't to blame for the bombing.[2]

With everything cleared out, Sha Shan and the priests relocated to a new temple, where they knew peace for a while. Their quiet lasted until the day her father summoned her and told her a lord of darkness was coming and, as a being of purity and innocence, she would have to join him to balance the scales.[5] In reality, a man named Achmed Korba had encountered the Man-Beast, who granted him power in exchange for loyalty and, in order to maintain him under control, Man-Beast limited Achmed's powers so that they could only be used when in contact with an innocent and pure being.[6] Achmed chose Sha Shan as his wife, and the two married, leaving the temple, just as it was about to be bombed, presumably killing everyone there, including Sha Shan's father. Together, they became Brother Power and Sister Sun and led a cult called the Legion of Light.[7]

Sha Shan Nguyen (Earth-616) from Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 12 001

Sister Sun

Achmed and Sha Shan then traveled to the US, and in a short time he opened a restaurant in New York. From there, he promoted the Legion of Light as a peace-loving organization and began amounting followers,[7] but its true purpose was to gather people who could then be manipulated as pawns of the Man-Beast.[6]

Flash Thompson, who had met Sha Shan before, happened to go to the restaurant and noticed Sha Shan working there. He approached her in joy to see her again, but, the moment she saw him, she ran away.[8] This reaction made Flash very suspicious and, even after learning of her marriage,[9] he was confident she was being coerced.[7] Eventually, the Man-Beast was defeated by Spider-Man, and Sha Shan was freed from the mission imposed by her father, as Achmed died in an explosion.[6]

Sha Shan remained in New York and began dating Flash,[10] but when she learned Flash was having an affair with Betty Brant, she walked out on him after a violent argument.[11]

Sha Shan Nguyen (Earth-616) from Starbrand & Nightmask Vol 1 5 001

Sha Shan later came back into Flash's life, after being tracked down by Harry Osborn and Peter Parker. She worked as a physical therapist, helping Flash to learn to walk again with his prosthetic legs.[3] Later, she also became May's therapist,[12] as well as Imani Green's.[1]

Sometime later, Sha Shan began working at Columbia Medical Center, where she helped Flash treat the superheroes attacked by the Red Goblin; surprised that her ex-boyfriend was a superhero. After Flash was killed by the Red Goblin, Sha Shan attended his funeral.[13]


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Martial Arts: Sha Shan is highly skilled in martial arts.[1]



Con: Sha Shan uses a long con to fight.[1]

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