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Shabby Dayes was a mining prospector living on the O.K. Space Station in the Kree Empire, a settlement resembling a wild west frontier town under a dome. He stumbled across Captain Marvel and Rick Jones who had been transported to the planet by the Supreme Intelligence and saved them from being exposed to the toxic atmosphere. In return, they helped him against Jaqe Murania and his gang who had it in for Shabby. After they defeated the Stranger who had taken an interest in the space station, Shabby gave them his robotic mule Rusty for transportation.[2]



Mechanical horse, Rusty.


Although this character appeared to identify himself as "Shabby Allus" in Captain Marvel #42, that wasn't what he actually said because "allus" is an old-fashioned form of the adverb "always." Shabby's real last name was revealed to be "Dayes" in Captain Marvel #43.

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