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Shades during his time as criminal

Shades' Visor was given to him by Ward Meachum. The visor that emitted powerful blasts created at Rand-Meachum Inc. Nightshade was later revealed to be the designer. It worked by pulling in bio-electric energy from the environment.[1] He used the device to knock Luke Cage and Iron Fist off the George Washington Bridge.[2]


When Bullseye blew up a building in Hell's Kitchen it killed 107 of the residents. Shades and his son Víctor Álvarez were both in the building. However Victor was the sole survivor, having absorbed fragments from his fathers visor.[3] Victor became the new Power Man as he absorbed the Chi life force of the 107 killed, including his father. He could also see the chi ghosts of the 107 victims on the site of the wrecked building, including his father. Shades told him to open up and absorb more chi from the area, giving his son enough power to fight back.[3]

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