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Site A was the former headquarters of United States Hulk Operations (a.k.a. Shadow Base), a secret anti-Hulk military branch. Scientists at Site A conducted research and experimentations on gamma mutates such as Del Frye and the Hulk himself.[1][2]

Shadow Base was forced to relocate to Site B following an increase in public notoriety and Site A was subsequently abandoned.[2] Site A was completely destroyed by the Hulk when he released massive amounts of excessive gamma radiation, causing a huge explosion.[3]


One of the ill-conceived aquariums

  • Several large aquariums and hamster runs stocked with gamma irradiated animals were built into the walls of Site A. This proved to be a serious design flaw as Joe Fixit, in Bruce Banner's body, simply smashed his way through an aquarium to reach a control room on the other side of a locked door. This was the decision of Dr. Jeffrey Clive, who thought having the gamma animals on full display would promote "work-life synergy."[3]

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