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The Shadow Cabinet was assembled by Marc Spector as a network of agents and informants to aid in his role as Moon Knight, most of whom were unaware of their employer's identity at first. They were recruited through altruism, payment, blackmail, deception, or the exchange of favors, depending on the individual.

Members of the Shadow Cabinet used holo-projection rings to communicate with Moon Knight at his Shadowkeep. The one-way communicators allowed Spector to see holographic representations of the members at his Cabinet tables, but they could only hear his voices and the voices of other members.


Paolo Santacosta was a low-level mafia boss and Marc Spector's neighbor on Long Island. He became Spector's first recruit into the Shadow Cabinet. Marc posed as "Jimmy the Hawk", an infamous mob boss in exile from New York City, claiming he needed Paolo's support to rebuild his power base before returning.[1]

The Shadow Cabinet was first activated to help Moon Knight track the movements of his own serial killer brother, Randall Spector.[2]

When the Shadowkeep computer network was compromised, Moon Knight believed one of the Shadow Cabinet had betrayed him. A final meeting exposed the cracks in his network, and finger-pointing among the members led to no solid conclusions. Moon Knight disbanded the Cabinet entirely and self-destructed their rings, not knowing who to trust. Only hours later did he learn his network was compromised by Jean-Paul Duchamp and Marlene Alraune, not any of the Cabinet members.[3]



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