The Shadow Cloak was a teleportation cloak which can change its form, and act as a magic portal to wherever its wearer wanted.[4] It could be used to pick up weaponry from extradimensional armories, to transport its users to other places, and to exile their enemies to hostile environments.


This Cloak was first seen as part of the equipment of the Agent of Fortune. Hellcat managed to take it from him and learned how to mentally control it, using the mental powers granted to her by Moondragon.[5] Hellcat used the Cloak to defeat Vera Gemini, using the Cloak to exile Vera to an unknown dimension.[5]

Hellcat later trained with the Cloak and displayed a number of tricks to her fellow Defenders. While trying to entertain the Hulk, Hellcat accidentally pulled out the head of his enemy, the Ort-Beast. She was attacked by an enraged Hulk, but escaped with only a headache.[1]

The Shadow Cloak eventually made its way to S.H.I.E.L.D. Druid stumbled into it after being asked by Nick Fury to catalogue mystical items that the agency had found. He later used the cloak to stash all the mystical items he could get his hands on, and escaped with it.[4]


  • Devil-Slayer uses another Shadow Cloak with identical powers. It is unclear whether there could be more of these cloaks.

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