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Shadow King was a former crime boss who used orphans like Storm to do his dirty work. He also thought that he was superior to humans. Professor X defeated Shadow King and his psychic essence was trapped in the Astral Plane.[1]

Shadow King's physical form

He escaped briefly and possessed Storm's godson, MjNari, in order to possess Storm. The Shadow King was defeated and trapped once again,[2] only to be released after Professor X suffered an accident which left his mind vulnerable to the Shadow King's attempts to take possession of Xavier and leave his mind trapped in the Astral Plane.[1]

The Shadow King also made a brief appearance in his physical body as one of the many psychics Apocalypse kidnapped in order to remake the universe. He and the other psychics got free from captivity and put an end to Apocalypse.[3]



Seemingly those of the Shadow King of the Multiverse.



Swords forged from astral energy


  • Voiced by Maurice Dean Wint.

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