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Based on a nameless yacht, Shadowforce Alpha was a daring, highly-trained mercenary terrorist cell that was composed of only the best and brightest covert operatives. Hired to kill Colonel Rudev Broga in his New York hospital room, Bombardier detonated a bomb in the hospital's waiting room as a distraction while Cordite and Clash infiltrated the building. Aided by a turncoat government agent, they succeeded in drugging Broga and taking out his bodyguards, although the suit was killed in the process. The final bodyguard, Cary Armstrong, managed to wound Cordite, but was grievously injured after the arrival of Flare and Stampede.

The arrival of the Scarlet Spider, who had battled and captured Bombadier, forced them to flee, but they subsequently signaled Shell and Shot to destroy the room.[1]

Shell And Shot found that the Scarlet Spider and Broga had survived. Shot was taken down by the Spider, although Shell managed to escape with Broga. He took him to Operating Theater 8, where Clash had forced Greg Chasen, Raymond Crow, and Ellen Grantz to operate on the wounded Cordite.

When the police shut down the power, the Spider took out Shell, Stampede, and Flare, but was captured by Clash and the recovering Cordite. The arrival of a revived Cary Armstrong turned the tide, allowing the Spider to rescue Broga and the captive doctors. Cornered, Clash and Cordite whipped out grenades, but were prevented from going out in a blaze of glory when Strongarm neutralized the explosives.[2]

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