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Ben Urich, though reluctant, is writing about Shadowland, knowing that only he knows Matt Murdock well enough to write the story. Detective Alex Kurtz is on the verge of retiring, but first he must bring in Daredevil. He and Urich ask a number of heroes about his whereabouts, but neither of them get results. Urich visits Foggy, whose status as a lawyer is under review, at his new law office. Detective Kurtz visits to question Foggy just as Urich is, but he has no information to give them and demands them to leave.

Urich returns to his apartment and checks his mail while he thinks about Daredevil's mysterious disappearance and the impact it is having on criminal activity in Hell's Kitchen. In his mail he finds a microcassette with a message from Matt. Meanwhile, Detective Kurtz is walking down the street when he sees two thugs mugging a woman. Just as he is about to stop them, Black Panther intervenes and takes them out himself. Afterwards, he informs Kurtz that he is watching over Hell's Kitchen.

Ben listens to Matt's message. In it, he says he doesn't know when he'll return, regrets trying to change the Hand, and admits to failing everyone. He asks Ben not to look for him and to keep this information a secret from Foggy. Suddenly, a sai flies through his apartment and destroys the tape. He turns around and sees Elektra in his apartment window. Urich had been searching for her and now that she is in front of him, he wants to know what happened in Shadowland.

A group of cops visit Kurtz in his office and asks him to forget about Daredevil, as they think Daredevil has done too much good to be brought in. A few of them share their own personal experiences. One cop was saved from a fire, another saw crime rise in his area when Daredevil was in jail. Regardless, Kurtz thinks the bad he has done can't be ignored. One of the cops tells him to think about his options.

Elektra refuses to share any specific details about the events of Shadowland, but claims that after what Daredevil has done he needs time to heal. Unsatisfied with her answer, Ben demands the truth for himself and everyone else. Before departing, Elektra reminds him that ignorance is bliss. Later on, Kurtz tries to convince his Captain that Daredevil is gone and is no longer their problem. After getting yelled at by the Captain, Kurtz leaves the station, thinking about how neither he nor Daredevil are ready to quit yet.

Foggy meets with Ben and the two of them discuss Daredevil's effect on Hell's Kitchen. OVer time, the once dangerous neighborhood has now become prosperous, making Ben and Foggy see that Matt was too close to it to notice the changes. The sun eventually rises, ushering in the start of a new day.

Solicit Synopsis

SHADOWLAND ENDS – BUT WHO IS THE VICTOR? After the senses-shattering conclusion of Shadowland, can the people of Hell’s Kitchen rebuild without a champion to guide them? The future of Marvel’s street heroes begins here!


  • While he did not physically appear in this issue, Matt Murdock had a pre-recorded message that he left to Ben Urich.

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