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Quote1.png Not the first crook to turn up dead with the Hand signature. Seen two myself in as many weeks. But something's wrong. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Crime and Punishment"

The Shroud examines the body of mobster Mikey Fortunado. Fortunado has been murdered in his apartment, his throat slit and a bloody handprint stamped across his face. As Shroud begins to sense someone watching him from across the street, four police officers bust down the apartment door with guns drawn - clearly this was a set-up. Shround engulfs the room in darkness and flies out the window.

The next day, Mikey’s brother Bobby Fortunado pays Misty Knight a visit at the offices of Nightwing Restorations. He wants Misty to find out why Daredevil had his brother killed. When Misty refuses, Bobby not-so-subtly threatens her and her unborn child. Misty responds with a threat of her own, her bionic hand glowing with an impending energy blast. As Misty reflects on the visit, Shroud appears on the sill of the open window in her office. He confirms to her that Mikey’s body bore the signature of the Hand and tells her she probably should talk to Daredevil after all.

Sometime later, Misty visits her old partner Rafe Scarfe at the NYPD 12th Precinct. Scarfe confirms to her that the Hand is responsible for Mikey Fortunado’s murder. He also tells her that the number of missing persons and homicides have skyrocketed in recent weeks, and that they suspect the Hand is behind the bulk of them. Their conversation is interrupted by a call from Danny Rand, who tells Misty that he and Luke Cage are going to Shadowland for an “intervention” to try and pull Daredevil back from the brink. He invites her to join and she tells him to call Colleen Wing as well.

Elsewhere, Silver Sable approaches a group of thugs hanging on a stoop and asks where she can find Ten-Spot Tyler. The thugs pull weapons on her but she dispatches them easily and zeroes in on Tyler. She tosses a wad of cash at him and demands the location of Sergey Bulovic, who she’s looking for on behalf of Interpol.

Later that night, Sable approaches the Eastern Promise club disguised as a dancer. She talks her way into the club and takes out the bouncer before heading upstairs to Bulovic’s office. She finds him dead at his desk with a bloody handprint across his face. Suddenly, she hears a commotion downstairs - an NYPD raid. She escapes out the window just as there is an explosion in a Shadowland tower several blocks away.

The Shroud flies through the sky above and lands on a rooftop across the street from Bobby Fortunado’s apartment. As he surveils the apartment, he senses the same presence he felt observing him the night before. He turns, but is hit with a bullet from a sniper rifle. His assailant - the former Thunderbolt Paladin - leaps onto the roof and presses a silenced pistol against Shroud’s chin.

Solicit Synopsis

Striking from the pages of Shadowland, four cult-favorite heroes rise into the spotlight: Silver Sable…Paladin…Misty Knight...The Shroud! Is a rogue faction of Daredevil's ninjas secretly targeting the mafia? With DD's dark castle looming over the city, has The Man Without Fear finally lost his mind? This twisted murder mystery ensnares a quartet of vastly different operatives--but will it unite them, or place them in each other's crosshairs? Can this controversial crew put aside their differences before a war between The Hand and the mob sets New York ablaze? Join Antony Johnston (DAREDEVIL) and Wellinton Alves (THUNDERBOLTS) for a bloody tour down the mean streets of Shadowland!

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