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Quote1.png And that's the good news: Daredevil isn't killing people on a whim. Here's the bad: somebody else is...and framing him for it. Quote2.png
Misty Knight

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Synopsis for "On The Edge"

The Shroud has been shot by the mercenary Paladin, who now has his pistol held to Shroud’s chin. However, Shroud has been playing possum, as the first bullet Paladin fired harmlessly struck Shroud’s cape. The two men fight surrounded by Shroud’s Darkforce, then go tumbling off the edge of the roof. Shroud engages his glider and grabs Paladin by the ankle, demanding he explain his actions as he dangles high above the ground below.

After being tossed onto a nearby roof, Paladin tells Shroud that Mikey Fortunado hired him to kill his brother, Bobby, but only paid the mercenary half up front. Paladin says he’s going after Bobby for the rest. Shroud tells Paladin that The Hand killed Mikey, and to leave Bobby alone as he could be a solid lead.

Meanwhile, Misty Knight talks her way into the NYPD Medical Examiner’s office. She goes to the morgue and pulls out the drawer with Mikey Fortunado’s body. She examines the wound across Mikey’s throat and notices something that makes her rush out. She returns to Nightwing Restorations and spends the night doing research online. She finds that dozens and dozens of criminals have gone missing over the last several months. As she is about to turn in, four Hand ninjas suddenly appear in her office. They tell Misty that The Hand is not responsible for Mikey’s murder. Misty says she knows - the slash mark on Mikey’s neck was too hesitant to have been delivered by a trained assassin. As they leap out the window, the ninjas’ spokesman warns Misty that The Hand will handle the impostor.

Misty immediately calls Bobby Fortunado, waking him up from a dead sleep. She tells him The Hand didn’t kill his brother, but that Bobby is still in danger. Bobby brushes her off and stumbles towards the bathroom. But when he turns the corner, the blood drains from his face; a group of Hand ninjas stands in his living room over the corpse of one of Bobby’s bodyguards.

Elsewhere in Manhattan, Silver Sable is on the phone with her Interpol contact. She demands her fee for locating Sergey Bulovic, but the Inspector tells her she gets no money since she was supposed to bring Bulovic in alive. He accuses Sable of killing Bulovic herself. Sable promises to find the real killer.

Paladin rappels down the side of Bobby Fortunado’s apartment building. He finds the window to Bobby’s apartment broken and three bodies, including Bobby’s, on the floor. Each has a bloody handprint across its face. Paladin searches Bobby’s cell phone and sees the last call received was from Nightwing Restorations. Just then, Misty Knight herself blasts down the front door of the apartment. She demands to know who is paying Paladin to set The Hand up, but Paladin tells her they’re on the same side. Before either can get closer to the truth, a group of Fortunado’s men enters, guns raised.

Solicit Synopsis

Silver Sable…Paladin…Misty Knight…The Shroud! Four very different heroes, all ensnared in a mystery spinning out of Shadowland! Is Daredevil using The Hand to kill mobsters untouchable by the law? Or is something even more sinister spreading throughout the city? Each hero approaches the puzzle from a different angle, and now they must race to discover the truth—but The Hand has other ideas, and time is running out! Can this quartet of strange bedfellows put their differences aside and come together before death strikes again? Join writer Antony Johnston (DAREDEVIL) and artist Wellinton Alves (THUNDERBOLTS) for a trip down the mean streets of Shadowland!

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