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Quote1.png Even if my kidneys weren't burning like the mother of all forest fires...and my lungs weren't painting the sidewalk with blood...I still wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry. Because suddenly, it all makes sense. I know who's behind this. They're going to wish they'd finished me off. Quote2.png
Misty Knight

Appearing in "Prey Drive"

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  • Paladin's Suit
  • Shroud's Suit


Synopsis for "Prey Drive"

A man carrying groceries in Midtown is grabbed in an alleyway and murdered by Hand ninjas. Sometime later, The Shroud watches as police investigate the crime scene and overhears the name of the victim - Dudley Miller. He flies off as recognition dawns on him that while not a mobster, this victim may not be so innocent.

Shroud goes to a storage unit being rented under one of Miller’s aliases. There, he finds Miller’s stash of child pornography, confirming that like the other murder victims, Miler was yet another small-time criminal that got off on a technicality.

Meanwhile, Misty Knight and Paladin duck for cover in Bobby Fortunado’s kitchen as his men shoot at them, believing Misty and Paladin are responsible for killing Bobby. Misty fires back and uses the magnetic capabilities of her bionic arm to pull the television off the wall and flings it at the men, knocking them off their feet. Just then, a smoke grenade rolls into the living room and blankets the apartment in a thick cloud. Silver Sable appears and disarms one of the goons and she, Misty, and Paladin escape out the window.

The three vigilantes hide out at Sable’s base of operations, the former Symkarian embassy, debating whether they should work together. Misty asks how Sable found herself at Fortunado’s apartment. Sable admits she’d been in disguise at the morgue to examine her fugitive’s body when Misty was there to see Mikey Fortunado’s, and followed her from there. They then begin to wonder aloud who could be behind the murders. Misty theorizes that Mr. Negative is framing Daredevil to eliminate the competition as he expands his territory. They each go their separate ways to investigate the theory.

The next day, Misty meets up with her old partner, Rafe Scarfe, in Central Park. Scarfe dismisses her Mr. Negative theory out of hand. He is convinced that Daredevil is ordering The Hand to commit the murders, and tells the pregnant Misty that she should stop her investigation.

Paladin, meanwhile, roughs up some of Mr. Negative’s men at a massage parlor in Chinatown. Before he can get any answers, however, a group of Hand ninjas interrupts and attacks him. As the ninjas tell Paladin to let them handle the situation, the parlor is engulfed in darkness. Shroud pulls Paladin out of the building.

Silver Sable contacts her niece, Anna, from a pub in Midtown. Anna is able to find a connection between the victims that shocks Sable to the point that she rushes to call Misty.

Misty ignores the incoming call as she walks the dark street, preoccupied with her conversation with Scarfe. Out of nowhere, she is hit over the head from behind with a baseball bat. A group of men proceed to assault her, a warning from Mr. Negative. But as she lies bleeding on the sidewalk, Misty finally has clarity on who the real culprit is.

Solicit Synopsis

Misty Knight...The Shroud...Silver Sable...Paladin! As Shadowland continues to spread across New York City, the strange bedfellows finally come together—each struggling to solve the mystery of the Hand murders! The killing spree shows no sign of stopping, but the ninja’s latest victim is an unusual choice, and casts doubt among our heroes! Will their differences and mistrust keep them apart? Or can they work together to cut through the mystery before it’s too late...and before one of them becomes the next target?

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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