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  • Colleen Wing's Katanas
  • Shadowland Suit
  • Black Lotus' Fans
  • Makro's Tentacles (First appearance)

Synopsis for 1st story

Sword drawn, Colleen Wing infiltrates a massage parlor in Chinatown. She has reason to believe the women working there are being held as slaves. Colleen sets the women free and makes her way towards the office at the front of the building, where she suspects she’ll find the women’s passports and other paperwork she can hand off to the NYPD, who she has alerted of her plan. She takes out a number of guards and is about to break down the office door when two police officers with guns drawn shout at her to freeze.

Colleen is escorted out of the building in handcuffs as the escaped women are brought back inside. She’s told the parlor’s owners are not pressing charges and is let go.

Sometime later, Colleen is running on the treadmill in her apartment watching news coverage of Shadowland when her neighbor, Tig, buzzes to be let into the building. Tig shares that she got a job as an office assistant for a “tough-on-crime” city councilman.

That night, Colleen is awakened by footsteps in her apartment. Before she can get a glimpse of the intruders, they are gone out her bedroom window. However, she is certain they were Hand ninjas delivering a message. On a hunch, she turns the shower on in her bathroom and the steam materializes a message written on the mirror: “Your hands don’t have to be tied. Your mother’s weren’t”. Colleen knows this is an invitation from Daredevil to come to Shadowland. Colleen sheathes her kitana and leaves her apartment.

On her walk, she is confronted by Misty Knight. Misty tells Colleen that The Shroud saw Hand ninjas leaving her apartment, and tries to talk her out of going to Shadowland. Colleen tells Misty she is making her own decisions now and walks away. Misty warns her not to trust whatever Daredevil tells her.

Colleen reaches the border of Shadowland and scales the side of the castle. She is best by Hand guards on the rampart and dispatches several before White Tiger interrupts the fight and tells Colleen she is expected. White Tiger brings Colleen before Daredevil in the Shadowland throne room. Colleen demands to know what Daredevil has to offer her. Murdock produces a dossier and tells her what he’s learned about her mother since taking leadership of The Hand. Colleen’s mother was trained in swordsmanship by her grandfather before joining The Hand herself. She rose through the ranks and began to lead a group of five female warriors called The Nail, until rivals of The Hand learned their identities and executed them one by one. Daredevil then introduces Colleen to four of his own female warriors and offers her her birthright - leadership of the new incarnation of The Nail.

Solicit Synopsis

From the darkness of SHADOWLANDS...a legacy born in blood stands revealed! What is Colleen Wing's secret connection to the mysterious organization called the Hand? What tragedy from her past binds Wing to Daredevil's dark empire and commands the noble sword slinger to lead a new all-female hit squad? Colleen’s birthright will compel her to fulfill Matt Murdock's bloody crusade to purge New York of corruption by any means necessary. Can she embrace her destiny without being consumed by its darkness?


  • This story is reprinted in Shadowland: Street Heroes.

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