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Colleen Wing

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  • Motorbikes

Synopsis for 1st story

Colleen Wing leads her new team of female warriors, The Nail, on a raid of an 18-wheeler as it travels down the Palisades Parkway, carrying a cargo of human trafficking victims. The team careens on motorcycles down the highway as each woman executes her part of the mission. Makro, equipped with Dr. Octopus-style mechanical arms, disables the truck’s hydraulics. Yuki uses her mysterious abilities to put the driver to sleep as the youngest Nail, Cherry Blossom, kicks him out of the cab and takes the wheel herself. Makro opens the trailer doors and Colleen and Black Lotus leap inside and fight the men guarding the cargo. Despite Colleen’s orders to leave no casualties, Lotus kills her share of the guards.

Later in Shadowland, Colleen briefs Daredevil on the successful mission as he oversees repairs to the castle. Colleen requests the Nail’s next mission be to return to the massage parlor she recently attempted to shut down and rescue the women there. Daredevil agrees to the plan.

The Nail storms the Touch of Heaven massage parlor and releases the women. Colleen obtains paperwork on the parlor’s illicit activities while, to her surprise, Black Lotus plants a bomb on the wall of the building. As the team and the rescued women escape via helicopter, the bomb goes off and decimates the building. That night, Colleen confronts Lotus and demands she start following orders, while Lotus questions Colleen’s qualifications to lead The Nail. Their argument is interrupted by White Tiger, who informs the team that the truck driver gave up the leader of the human trafficking ring - Councilman Steven Shake (who Colleen’s friend and neighbor Tig has just started working for). Lotus demands they strike at Shake immediately.

The Nail races down the streets of Midtown Manhattan on their bikes in pursuit of Shake’s convoy, as he heads to LaGuardia for a flight out of the country. Colleen leaves Tig a voicemail to warn her Shake is crooked as the team intercepts Shakes’ limousine. Shake himself is nowhere to be found. Makro disables the vehicle and drags the driver out into the street and he tells them Shake is in the van. The Nail chase the van down in the Midtown Tunnel and, although Lotus’ reckless actions endanger a school bus full of children, they are able to capture Shake and bring him back to Shadowland. Meanwhile, Shake’s office is attacked by The Hand and his staff, including Tig, is abducted.

Back at Shadowland, Colleen is satisfied with her team’s work and begins to buy into Daredevil’s methods when she learns that Tig has been taken prisoner. She goes down to the Shadowland dungeon and sees the poor treatment her friend is receiving as a captive. She returns in the middle of the night to free Tig, but when she enters her cell, she finds Black Lotus instead. Lotus slices Colleen’s chest with a bladed fan. Colleen grabs at her wound as the rest of The Nail surrounds her.

Solicit Synopsis

When Matt Murdock offered Colleen Wing the truth about her mother’s death, she knew there would be a price to pay. But the last thing Wing expected was to be made a lieutenant in his Shadowland in charge of the savage army of female assassins called the Nail. Just how far will Colleen go to slake the devil’s bloodlust…and what will her former allies say about her dark alliance?!


  • This story is reprinted in Shadowland: Street Heroes.

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