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Quote1.png So you made a bad call. It happens. But if you're tired of following, go lead a new Daughters of the Dragon - but do it on your terms. Quote2.png
Misty Knight

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A wounded, bleeding Colleen Wing faces off with her team, The Nail, who have just caught her trying to free her friend, Tig, from the prison underneath Shadowland. She attempts to run, but Cherry Blossom catches her legs in a bolo. Black Lotus is about to stab her with a sai when Cherry Blossom implores her to stop, saying they should take her to Lord Daredevil as he may not believe Colleen betrayed them if they kill her now.

As the Nail marches Colleen through the prison, Black Lotus is cat-called by a captive. She tells Yuki and Cherry Blossom to go ahead while she and Makro stay behind and teach the prisoners a lesson. As Cherry Blossom walks Colleen ahead, she whispers to her that she appreciates Colleen’s kindness and allows her to escape out a window.

In the prison below, Daredevil tortures Councilman Steven Shake for information about who in Japan provided his human trafficking victims. Daredevil tells Black Lotus that Colleen will be back and will be dealt with.

Black Lotus then makes her pitch to become the new leader of The Nail. She receives support from the team, though Cherry Blossom appears less enthusiastic.

Colleen visits Misty Knight at her apartment. She expresses self-doubt and regret about joining Daredevil, but Misty tells her to trust herself and forgives her for breaking up Daughters of the Dragon. Spirits boosted, Colleen returns to Shadowland to rescue Tig. She takes out a guard and dons his uniform, then sneaks into the prison. She lets Tig out of her cell, but when they turn to escape, The Nail and a horde of Hand ninjas - having seen them on security cameras - block their path.

Colleen thinks quickly and demands to fight Black Lotus in “the rite of continuity” of leadership, a rule from the Nail scrolls that she trusts Lotus has not read. After a vicious battle in which Coleen’s foot is impaled by Lotus’ sai, Colleen emerges victorious and leaves with Tig and Cherry Blossom.

Two weeks later, Colleen catches a flight to Japan to hunt for a missing person, and is joined by her new team: Tig and Cherry Blossom.

Solicit Synopsis

SHADOWLAND TIE-IN!! Colleen Wing made a bargain with the devil...and now she has to pay the price. Trapped in the dungeons of Shadowland with her new sisters-turned-enemies at her heels, Matt Murdock offers the sword-slinger a second choice: escape from the prison he’s built...or the truth about her dead mother’s shocking connection to the Hand. Can Colleen find the inner strength to stand up to the hero who once inspired her...or will she be forced to lose her mother a second time? Find out in the shocking conclusion that will change this Daughter of the Dragon’s world forever!


  • This story is reprinted in Shadowland: Street Heroes.

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